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Town of Rye

222 Grace Church Street, Suite 302, Port Chester , NY, 10573, US


Dear Vendor,

The Town of Rye will be introducing electronic bill pay (ACH) for all service providers.

Vendor Direct is an electronic funds transfer program whereby payments will be sent by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via Automated Clearing House (ACH) and automatically credited to your designated bank account at your financial institution, in lieu of receiving a paper check. The Vendor Direct program is an efficient and cost effective mechanism for making/receiving payments and for increasing payment security. In addition, funds are credited and immediately available to the recipient on the effective payment date without the need for making a manual deposit at the bank.

Under the Vendor Direct Program, payment will be credited to your account within two to four days.

As a vendor of the Town of Rye, please complete the Vendor Direct Payment Authorization Form, a W- 9 Form, and include a copy of a void check. There are three ways you can send your information:

  1. Web Portal (Secure)
  2. Fax (914) 939-1465, Accounts Payable, Attn: Carla Pugliese
  3. Mail to 222 Grace Church Street, Suite 302, Port Chester NY 10573


For more information, please contact Carla Pugliese at (914) 939-3006 or via Email at

Very truly yours,
Deborah A. Reisner
Town Administrator

Vendor Direct Payment Authorization Form

Please complete both sections of this Authorization Form and included a copy of a voided check.

Section I - Vendor Information

Vendor Primary Address:

Contact Person Name:

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Upload a Copy of Your W-9 Form

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Vendor Certification: I have read and understand the Vendor Direct Payment Program and hereby authorize payments to be received by electronic funds transfer into the bank that I designate in Section II. I further understand that in the event that an erroneous electronic payment is sent, the Town of Rye reserves the right to reverse the electronic payment. In the event that a reversal cannot be implemented, the Town of RYe will utilize any other lawful means to retrieve payments to wich the payee was not entitled. 

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Section II - Financial Institution Information

Bank Address:

Bank Contact Person Name: